A Spoonie’s Guide to VR

From increasing physical activity to alleviating social isolation, Virtual Reality can truly be a therapeutic tool for the chronically ill, disabled, or anyone who finds themselves homebound for any number of reasons.

What is SpoonieVR?

Our Mission

SpoonieVR aims to be a resource for “Spoonies“, a.k.a. anyone living with health conditions which limit day-to-day functionality and energy levels. Virtual Reality is an excellent tool for social isolation relief and physical therapy, but it can be hard to decide whether or not to purchase a game based on reviews from healthier folks who may not appreciate how many “spoons” playing that game might take from us. On this site, you’ll find reviews, all written from a Spoonie’s perspective, with in-depth details on how the game impacted the reviewer’s health, including a “spoons” rating from 1-5 to give you a good idea of how energy-intensive the games or experiences may be.

SpoonieVR also advocates for increasing accessibility and inclusivity in VR. Our main goal on that front is to encourage developers to make VR fully accessible while lying horizontally, so that folks with severely limited mobility can also enjoy this virtual oasis. Most of our social outreach and activism is done via our Twitter account.

Who is SpoonieVR?
Currently, this site is run only by Sunny Ammerman, a.k.a., InsomniaDoodles, but I hope to welcome other contributors to join me in this mission! If you’re interested in getting involved, please click the “contact” button at the top of this page, or reach out via Twitter!

News & Reviews

Latest Articles

Stereo to Mono Audio Override: An Open Letter for Accessibility

Dear VR Developers, Virtual Reality has opened new doors for folks living with disabilities and health conditions which restrict their ability to venture out of their homes. I frequently find myself homebound due to complications from my conditions, and before I discovered social VR, I was pretty lonely and there wasn’t a whole lot IContinue reading “Stereo to Mono Audio Override: An Open Letter for Accessibility”

Real VR Fishing Review

The photorealistic graphics showcase just how incredible VR technology has become. No matter how many hours I have logged in this game, I am still in awe of how detailed everything is. I’ll stop fishing just to look down at the texture on my gloves or watch a perfectly animated flock of birds dance in the sky overhead. Then, my controller vibrates sharply alerting me of a bite on the line, and my focus is snapped back to the task at hand!

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Want to share how VR has impacted your life? We would love to share your story in an article or a short podcast interview! Just fill out the contact form below and someone will get back with you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind this site is run by a spoonie as well, so occasionally there may be a delay in response.

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Calling All VR Developers!

Are you a VR content creator interested in collaborating with the Chronic Illness / Disability community to improve accessibility and inclusivity in your creations? Do you have a game, experience, or product that you would like SpoonieVR to review? Please reach out using this contact form!

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