We’ve updated our Accessibility Chart!

Hey, folks! I just wanted to send out a quick blog post to let you all know that we’ve made some updates to how we collect and share our evaluations for our VR accessibility chart. Before, we relied on manual edits to a spreadsheet to log which accessibility features VR games and experiences, but now we have a new system which automatically updates a spreadsheet whenever someone submits their assessments via a linked Google Form. Contributors are required to include a valid email address to cut down on potential spam or misuse, but your emails will NOT be shown in the public chart and will NEVER be shared or used for anything else.

Click here to check out the updated VR Accessibility Chart page!

While we have your attention~

Here are some more updates on what SpoonieVR has been up to!

February is Rare Disease Month, and the last day of February is #RareDiseaseDay! Many of the members of our peer support group have a rare disease, and we’re proud to support the rare disease community by doing our part to raise awareness and help educate folks on the issues impacting those of us living with a rare disease! So, site admin InsomniaDoodles has created a virtual space in Spatial for Rare Disease awareness! You can check out this space any time on just about any device here.

We recently released a new podcast episode interviewing a Cornell University researcher currently running a study focusing on how folks with invisible disabilities want to present themselves via their avatars in Social VR experiences. You can check out that podcast here, and click here to learn more about this paid research opportunity and apply to participate.

Altspace is closing down on March 10th, but we have a new place to meet on Spatial! Click here to learn more about our support group and find links to all our new virtual hangout spaces, including our community art gallery, which you can learn more about here and submit your own pieces to be included in the gallery as well!

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