Weekly Meetups Moving to Discord

Hey, folks! This is just a quick announcement to keep you all up to date on our weekly chronic illness / disabilities peer support group. Since Spatial has been having so many issues with stability and other dealbreaking issues keeping us from having a smooth experience hosting our meetups there, we’ve decided to move ourContinue reading “Weekly Meetups Moving to Discord”

We’ve updated our Accessibility Chart!

Hey, folks! I just wanted to send out a quick blog post to let you all know that we’ve made some updates to how we collect and share our evaluations for our VR accessibility chart. Before, we relied on manual edits to a spreadsheet to log which accessibility features VR games and experiences, but nowContinue reading “We’ve updated our Accessibility Chart!”

Study Researching Invisible Disability Representation in Social VR Seeking Participants

Cornell University students Lucy Jiang, Ria Gualano, and Kexin Zhang are conducting a research study on invisible disability representation via avatars in social VR. They are looking for folks who identify as having an invisible disability to participate in this study, which consists of an hour-long interview, in exchange for a $20 Amazon gift card.Continue reading “Study Researching Invisible Disability Representation in Social VR Seeking Participants”

Stereo to Mono Audio Override: An Open Letter for Accessibility

Dear VR Developers, Virtual Reality has opened new doors for folks living with disabilities and health conditions which restrict their ability to venture out of their homes. I frequently find myself homebound due to complications from my conditions, and before I discovered social VR, I was pretty lonely and there wasn’t a whole lot IContinue reading “Stereo to Mono Audio Override: An Open Letter for Accessibility”

Real VR Fishing Review

The photorealistic graphics showcase just how incredible VR technology has become. No matter how many hours I have logged in this game, I am still in awe of how detailed everything is. I’ll stop fishing just to look down at the texture on my gloves or watch a perfectly animated flock of birds dance in the sky overhead. Then, my controller vibrates sharply alerting me of a bite on the line, and my focus is snapped back to the task at hand!

Horizon Worlds Lacks Accessibility for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

This is an open letter to please add live automated speech recognition (ASR) to display captioning in Horizon. The technology exists but I am seeing comments that it is just not considered a high priority for the full release of this app. Can we petition to change this?

Spoons and Ratings Criteria

This post details how I calculate each of the ratings I issue while writing a review on this site. It also gives examples of how many “spoons” I would say some everyday activities cost me so you can have a general basis for comparison to your own spoons when considering my reviews.