Join our Support Group

We have a strong support community for VR enthusiasts living with invisible chronic illness, disabilities, and / or rare diseases.

We meet in VR every Sunday at 7pm EST via AltspaceVR to check in, offer support, and just hang out.

On the last Friday of the month at 7pm EST, we host a VR Spoonies movie night in Bigscreen and our Discord, where we gather to enjoy a movie about Invisible Chronic Illness, Disabilities, or Rare Diseases that ISN’T “inspiration porn“.

Keep up with our events:

You can find all of our upcoming events and their details in the “Upcoming Events” section of our Discord server, or by keeping an eye on our Facebook group’s events. We also post upcoming event notifications to our Twitter account.

You can “subscribe” to the VR Spoonies Channel on AltspaceVR to receive email notifications when we announce a new Altspace event.

While this group’s origins are rooted in VR, it is open to everyone, regardless of access to or interest in Virtual Reality. All are welcome!

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